Rebellion or Revolt Against Authority

Rebellion or Revolt Against AuthorityProject description Most of the works we?ve read this summer focus on the theme of Rebellion or Revolt Against Authority, which is the theme of this course. For this paper assignment you are to explain the following quote by T.S. Eliot (a well-known, early 20th century poet) and indicate the extent to which the works we?ve studied in Humanities 211 support the sentiment of his passage. You are to choose at least two works to substantiate your answer.It?s not wise to violate rules until you know how to observe them (T.S. Eliot).FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS:The essay should have a formal introduction, a solid thesis statement and a conclusion. I expect your writing to be clear, to the point, free of grammatical errors, and logical. You also must substantiate your various claims by incorporating quotes into your paper.Target Length: Approximately 750 words, Double-spaced, Times New Roman, font 12, MLA style:

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