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recruitmentPaper instructions:Compare and contrast the likely similarities and differences among these situations. Suggest the types of recruitment methods that you would recommend as well as recruiting tips:a) You (advising the City Council) seek to hire a permanent city manager and you want a broad talent pool.b) You (advising the City Council) seek to hire a permanent city manager. You think that there are good candidates from within the city senior leadership team. There is great pressure on maintaining executive salaries from escalating because the press coverage of what are perceived to be high salaries even though they are in line with national averages.c) You need a clerical support person who you are prepared to train from scratch. You want to pay from the bottom of the range (which is normal in the public sector).d) You need a clerical support person who is going to have some supervisory responsibilities. It is a large organization.e) You need to hire a new airport operations specialist, and such people are hard to find in the local community, althought a generally high employment rate will hopefully make the job attractive.!

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