Reflection of a Forensic Nursing Placement

Using no more than 2000 words reflect on your experience of working in this placement You should consider what you have learned about the specific practice for example whether it is community nursing what you have learned about yourself and the complexity of the Learning Disability role within You are expected to apply a reflective framework of your choice and support your reflection with appropriate This piece of reflection will focus on my experiences whilst on practice I will be using the cited in Jasper model of Gibbs cycle is set out in order of categories made up of different headings appendix By using this cycle it allows me to reflect in structured and effective The subject of this reflection will cover the development and utilisation of interpersonal skills in order to establish and maintain therapeutic relationships in a forensic Neal states a therapeutic relationship can be described as being between nurse and patient and is based on needs for care assistance and It is a relationship that is established solely to meet the needs and therapeutic in Chambers et al suggest that interpersonal and therapeutic relationships are at the centre of nursing The relationship that exists between nurse and

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