Reflective journal (from Business stimulation)

Reflective journal (from Business stimulation)complete this report by filling the detail as much as possible in Reflective journal template? Besides, you will need to go to website that I will provide you username and password to see the result how my group is doing in business stimulation due to it will need to explain why we do and what the result. I will upload the example file for you but my report you need to write according to what we invest in the business stimulation website. Inside that website there will be a lot of other group of student are playing it due to they need to do this kind of report as well. I got the instruction for deciding what to invest or what to put the money to, For this week, it was the first week to play. My friend did put wrong product sales area where is only USA but we forgot to click to sales in ASIA and Europe. Here is the detail of the website: usename: [email protected] password: siroch911 This is week in business stimulation website told me about Market Condition:DemandThe war in Oilistan is over and oil exports have returned to normal levels. There are however other news impacting the demand of handsets: It has already become a standard that passengers can freely use mobile phones on airplanes. Now there has been a suspicious case regarding an airplane crash in southern China. The plane had crashed immediately after taking off, but luckily the amount of casualties was rather limited. Some of the survivors said that they had seen a mobile handset exploding while a passenger was using it intensely for video-conferencing. This event was widely published all over the world and it has tamed the markets for new handsets. In the USA the demand for handsets is expected to decrease by about 3% and in Asia by about 7%. European demand is expected to remain unchanged.CostsTransportation costs diminish by approximately 6% as the price of oil takes corrective downward action. Production costs are expected to remain constant. Outsourcing capacity continues to rise: expected capacity is 13% in USA and 19% in China. As a result, outsourcing costs have fallen 4-6%.FinanceOnce again the corporate tax-rate in Asia is raised. It is now up to 22%. Concerns about the competitiveness of the Chinese economy results in the Central Bank of China selling a large amount of Rmb into the FX market. Consequently Rmb falls nearly 10% against USD. The Euro rebounds. Interest rates are up half a percentage point in China, and up a quarter in the USA. European interest rates are down a quarter. This week I will need to do the reflection report about Logistic and Marketing so you will need to mention about this in the reflection report form which I will upload it for you. Besides, you will need to see detail about the results of round 4. I will upload the reflection report of pass week as the reference but you don?t write about the pass week anymore due to every week will need to write for the diffecnce decision and market condition. Thanks, PraewPLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT :

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