Reincarnation Biological death is defined

Reincarnation Biological death is defined and accepted. Winstead- Fry points out that within sensory science, death is the termination of certain biophysical functions. We can empirically confirm the existence and ending of life. ( 163) The criteria for brain death are accepted as proof of biological death. Of course if one considers the human being and the human body as one, then death must be a definite ending. But what about those who believes the soul never dies? There is the belief that the body is like a set of clothes the soul changes when the body gets worn out. Can the human body be considered such a worthless object? Many say no and yet others believe it truly. The debate about death is in the question of existence after death. It is not possible at present to recreate or validate existence after death using our senses. This is why there is so much of an interest in near-death experiences. Dr. Morse and his team have proven that a person actually needs to be near death to have a near death experience. The team compared seriously ill people with those near the brink of death and people who had near-death experiences were clinically dead at the time of their experience and were brought back from the dead.(183) This is the closest one can get to death ; therefore, it is reasonable to use these experiences to learn about death. Near- death phenomena are as old as recorded history. Such an experience is reported in Platos Republic, written in the fourth century before Christ.(Blackmore 79) The phenomenon is wide spread. Over eight million adults in the United States have claimed to have a near- death experience. Dr. Stevenson believes that by him writing books it will 7 encourage more people to share their experience. He believes many people may not share their story for fear of ridicule.( Santos F1) Mr. Underwood reveals that one in three people who recover from c…

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