Religion and Theology Vision Statement

Religion and Theology Vision StatementProject descriptionvision statement from the church of your preference. The vision statement, or as some church render it mission(s) statement, must be taken from their website and cannot be the church you currently attend. The essay should be no more than three pages in length, no less than two. The content of the essay will analyze the vision statement by answering the following questions.+ Explain the vision of the church.+ What does this vision tell you about the church?+ Is the vision clear or confusing?+ Is the vision memorable or forgettable?+ What types of needs would this vision address?+ If you were a consultant working on helping this church implement some of the concepts from their vision statement, what recommendations would you make?Writing a Vision StatementWrite a vision statement based on an imaginary ministry you will be leading. The vision statement should involve the following paragraphs:+ A paragraph describing the type of ministry you are leading (Where is it located, how many people are a part of it, what type of position are you serving, etc.)+ A vision statement.+ A paragraph highlighting how you will celebrate and communicate this vision to those you lead.I would like the Holy Bible(NIV)used as a referencePlease complete this assignment as an APA format Microsoft Word document and submit to the dropbox below. s

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