Religious paperIt?s a compare

Religious paperIt?s a compare and contrast paper between the three religous studies. With historical settings of the origins of the religions, key historical events, what makes people believe in these religons, current statistics about the religons. I also have to answer key questions about the religons like, do they believe that man is good, evil, or both. What are there thoughts about salvation. Do they believe in the spirit world. Do they think living forever after life on earth is earned or do you recieve eternal life automatically. What is god and what is he like. I also have to describe the messenger meaning I have to tell how jesus was what he did events about him ect. and I have to do that for the other two religons but with there god or the figure they believe in. What unique features set them apart. The premise of this paper is to answer the following questions as well: Do all paths lead to a unity of transcendence, is there a unity in all religions and therefore, as his own avatar can pick and choose in the smorgasbord of opportunities his own spiritual menu? One of my sources must can be a internet source the other two must be books. All of my references must be cited.

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