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replies to forumRelate essential elements of the Modernism period .respond to two (2) of your classmates with 100-word each responses before midnight on Sunday. Be sure to cite all research using MLA format.(1) The lead speaker is surprised to see her friend. She probably hasn?t seen Melia in quiet awhile. She certainly doesn?t look like the Melia she remembers. Melia left the life as a maid to become a city girl. She obviously has money because she is dressed in fine clothing with nice jewelry and the feathers may insinuate an elegant hat as they were the thing to have in those years.The last line of each stanza is spoken by Melia. The reader understands that it is Melia who is ruined. Even to the point of the lead speaker expressing her desire to be like her and Melia responds with, ?My dear- a raw country girl, such as you be, Cannot quiet expect that. You ain?t ruined,? said she? (l 23,24). This week?s power point laid out the foundation of Modernism is multiple ways. For instance it states in slide four, modernism is, ??often used to refer to a twentieth century belief in the virtues of? social change? (Power Point, slide 4). The ruined Melia had taken precedence in this belief and was running away from ideal Victorian beliefs that women should be well mannered and virtuous. Also the Power Point states that ?Modernist literature is characterized chiefly by a rejection of 19th century traditions?? (Slide 11). Melia was obviously running from traditional views and the reader begins to wonder whether Melia believes she did the right thing (2)The Ruined Maid? by Thomas Hardy drew my attention because of its cynical nature. Right away I noticed it?s mechanical rhyming nature of AA ? BB though it took me a while to realize that the third line was rhyming with the word ?she? because it wasn?t sounding right in my head. The Modernism period was a break away from the Victorian style and ?The Ruined Maid? strikes right out at Victorian morality. The character ?Melia had left her place with the country girl and became a mistress to a rich man to be among a higher class. Quite a taboo thing in the Victorian age. It shows how the previous age could be seen as archaic. The country girl shows envy in the line, ?I wish I had feathers, a fine sweeping gown, And a delicate face, and could strut about Town!? (Hardy). This poem breaks the class lines of the Victorian age and shows how society can accept a simple farm maid?s acceptance in a rich class. I see this as the ?Pretty Woman? of its era with the poor girl being able breaking social classes with a little prim and polish. Even with the last line Hardy continues the satirical nature of the poem when ?Melia, with all her new lady like appearances, uses the non lady like word ?ain?t.? This shows that the continued variance away from Victorian style and the deeper connection ?Melia has with her roots. You can take the girl out of the country but you can?t take the country out of the girl. Here is a website for the poe.Do not forget to cite and use 2 direct quotes from the poem.

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