research methods that psychologists use

research methods that psychologists use Answer these 6 questions, and each question should be in separate essay: 1. Describe one of the research methods that psychologists use. What kinds of questions can you answer with that method? What kinds of conclusions can be made using that method? What things must be in place to control bias and insure the validity of the results? Please be as specific as possible in your answer. 2. Critically evaluate the following statement: most people use only 10% of their brain. What do you think? What evidence is there to support your view? 3. From a scientific perspective, what are some of the problems in accepting claims of ESP abilities or experiences? What do you think? Why? 4. What role does experience, prior beliefs and assumptions play in perception? Give specific examples to illustrate your point. 5. Contrast Freud?s explanation of the significance of dreams with that of the activation synthesis model of dreaming. What do you think dreams are for? Why? What does the evidence suggest? 6. Should marijuana be considered a psychedelic drug along with mescaline and LSD? Why or why not? Do you think marijuana should continue to be illegal in this country? Why or why not? Please support you answer with evidence ? :

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