Research Paper Afghanistan, Malaysia, Jordan

Research Malaysia In the King of Saudi was The Koran is the oldest and the most efficient constitution in the Almost fifty years all Muslim countries seem to have changed their mind and they all have a many of them have introduced as a source of legislation in their literally means according to Clark Lombardi an expert on Islamic is revealed in divine signs and must be interpreted by Islamic law is based on four main the holy book with the literal word of the hadith which is a record of the actions and saying of the ijma which is a consensus made by Islamic scholars and giyas which is a way of thinking based on analogies to deal with the problems uncovered by the holy Many Muslims countries incorporate Islamic law in their constitutions by making Islam the official religion of the country or by declaring as a source of the Even if each legal code is different models have some are secular states such as Tunisia and some others are declared Islamic such as Saudi Arabia and Between these two extreme the role of Islam in the constitutions of Muslim countries considerably This wide diversity in the constitutional

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