Responding to a Government Solicitation

You will assume a contractor?s role for this assignment. Select any business opportunity posted at the FederalBusiness Opportunities Web site, at Analyze the solicitation and any other availableinformation about the opportunity.This is the link to the opportunity: Describe your business (make up the details based on the specifications of the opportunity). Remember you areassuming the role of a contractor who will bid on the opportunity you select, therefore, describe yourhypothetical business and why it is relevant to the proposal you selected).2. Summarize the opportunity you chose, including these details:a. Opportunity name and project locationb. Solicitation Numberc. Agencyd. Officee. [Office] Locationf. URL3. Speculate on the steps you would follow to decide whether or not your company should bid on this opportunity,including the criteria you would use to assist in making this decision. Tips: please review p.p. 228-230 ofEngelbeck, you will need to not only list but also describe at least four [4] criteria you would consider beforemaking a decision to bid or not. If you want to go the extra mile, in addition to four criteria, you may want tooffer an assessment of the Figure 5-2 as it relates to your position on bidding or not).4. Identify and justify the areas of expertise or the professions you want represented in the proposal team onceyour company decides to bid. (concentrate on material offered on p.p. 227-228 of Engelbeck, list as manyparticipants as needed to make a reasonable bid team for your business and the bid itself. I am not stating arequired minimum number of participants since everyone?s team will be different ? simply use your bestprofessional and scholarly judgment on how many people and why).5. Describe the major steps in the proposal preparation and each team member?s role therein. (review p.p. 221-224,including Figure 5-1. Also, there is a lot of material between p.p. 231-238 on bid preparation; you may want tomention some of this material as well, including Tables 5-3 and 5-4).6. List at least three (3) questions about the solicitation to the agency for which you require the answers for acomplete proposal. (here you can use your expertise from this and previous chapters to list and briefly describethe significance of at least three relevant questions you would ask).7. Choose one (1) asset of your company that you would stress in the proposal. Describe it briefly and justifyyour choice. (please use your expertise from this and other material you have learned to describe an asset youwould stress within your proposal ? the asset could be tangible, or intangible. You will notice many proposals inboth the private and public sectors stress an asset drive theme within them ? what would your asset drive theme be?)!

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