Response: Canuck Rock Is Best . . . Yes, I

Response: Canuck Rock Is Best . . . Yes, I do agree with the thesis, and not only rock music as focused in this article, but all Canadian music. I agree that Canadian music is not American music or British music, but truly Canadian. I like to listen most to Canadian rap artist such as Monolith, Rascalz, Ghetto Concept, Infinite, and other Canadian rap artist. I think that Canadian music is more cultural then American music or British music. Canadian music has culture since there is so much diversity in Canada. I think Canadian artist try not to sell image, but they create music for personal satisfaction. The only thing I can’t understand is how the CRTC says that Bryan Adams’s album is un-Canadian. I think that it’s a bunch of BS since Bryan Adams is Canadian, and that he should be declared as a Canadian artist. In my mind I think Canadian music is more from the heart, since Canadian music is not so commercialized as American music. For example, Britney Spears give her some tits, give her a song, give her some dance moves, maybe throw in a sex appeal, bang a music star is born in America. But in Canada, there is very little chance of all that, the most thrilling thing we probably get is a article in the paper or something on the news. In conclusion, I think that Canadian music has character to it and it comes more from the artist, rather then more for the audience. …

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