Responsibilities of Holiday Representative

Unit Responsibilities of Holiday representative Task Three Introduction In this assignment I am going to prepare information sheets that describe the part played by the holiday representative in creating a safe and healthy holiday I will include a description of the risks and hazards and the ways in which representatives can minimise these Health and safety terminology Tour operators rely on their staff to diligent when carrying out their duties and vigilant when identifying potential hazards areas of care being watchful against danger anything that can cause harm the high or low that somebody might be harmed by the All incidents are fully logged paper work is The rep should make regular checks as Accommodation Quality standards room fixtures mirrors cleanliness Appropriate levels of service manned balcony glass fittings Safe supply of gas electricity loose sockets or exposed wirings Hygiene standards daily cleaning Pool area Swimming pools should have notices with depths marked Pool surroundings should have an non slip surface Are there any broken tiles or sharp edges around the Children play areas safety security is paramount including suitably positioned well maintained safety surfaces a clean and secure Procedures of The health and safety set by the Procedures for

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