Review of After Hours On Thursday, November

Review of After Hours On Thursday, November 30, I went to see some Kutztown students perform After Hours at Schaeffer Auditorium. It was an all around great show. With the help of a talented band, they did a wonderful job. Im really not interested in the kind of music that they sang, but they kept my attention the whole time. I thought the back-up band, or whatever you want to call them, was great. You could tell that they really enjoyed what they were playing, and what they were hearing. Alan Apple, who played the piano, was very entertaining. Personally, I thought he made the whole performance even better than it already was. He was very funny and showed great enthusiasm. With Steven Meashey on bass, Andy Scoles on drums, and Joseph Mixon on guitar, everything sounded terrific. The singers themselves had wonderful voices. The only think I didnt like about the show was the music; only because I dont like that kind of music. But because of their great singing and energy, my attention was kept throughout the whole show. The soloists sounded great. I especially loved the way everyone danced their own way, but they stilled seemed so together. After hours was a very enjoyable show. The students and musicians did a wonderful job. I really had a nice time watching and listening to them. Even though I am not really interested in that kind of music, they made me see what people do like about the music. …

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