revolutionized dating and the dynamics

revolutionized dating and the dynamics Thus, the Internet, the most advanced of all media to date, has completely revolutionized dating and the dynamics involved with meeting someone by making traditional dating obsolete.(discuss) Prepare a journal containing three recent news articles related to ethics and business, for example, an article about court decision in a libel case, legislation drafted to amend the Open Meetings Act, U.S. Justice Department approval of a media merger, jailing of a reporter, the fabrication of a source, or the filing of a copyright infringement lawsuit. (links to articles attached) Include a typewritten summary to accompany each article (1 ? pages in length, single-spaced), which: (1) identifies the ethical issue presented in the article, (2) applies the ethical principles to the facts, and (3) provides your recommendation or critique of how the issue should be or was handled. A detailed recitation of the article is not necessary.:

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