Ricky Temple Jr. 11 – 1 – 9

Ricky Temple Jr. 11 – 1 – 99 5thp. Back in 1995, a director by the name of Jerry Zucker and with the help of Columbia Pictures, Sean Connery, Richard Gere, and Julia Ormond, the ” First Knight ” hit the box office. The “First Knight”; a movie of adventure, love, suspense, and in an epic retelling of a timeless and tragic love triangle Three lives are converged in the golden city of Camelot in a age when fearless knights on horseback roamed the unknown lands in search of a quest. One character that completed the adventure of a lifetime was the character named Lancelot. He was a knight of the round table, romantic, and brave. Even though he seems the perfect warrior, there were certain trials he had to go through in order to maintain his position in the history books. How much would a true warrior have to go through in order to succeed? Well, there has to be a foundation and a starting mark. Lancelot didn’t begin as a knight. He was a wanderer. Lancelot didn’t come to Camelot looking to be a knight nor dreamed of peace and brotherhood and nobility, but just wanted to contain his own freedom. Lancelot was conceived not as a Knight but as a man with a troubled past because of the death of his parents in a burning church.. In this film, Lancelot is emotionally damaged. He is like a traveling samurai. He has no connections, no responsibilities, and no fear. This is why he was mentioned for being the perfect fighter. King Author was the king of Camelot and the head of the knights of the round table. Author senses something special in Lancelot. He sensed something that nay be use to him one day but he doesn’t quite know yet. So, he issued him a spot at the round table and gave him the privledge to be knighted. Lancelot has came from such a distance from being a outcast to one of the most important people in the ki…

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