Right Wing Dictators, David Schmitz Review

The author intends to challenge the conclusion that the United States served itself well by supporting central concern is how American officials understood the problem in terms of an overall policy and in relation to specific and how that shaped their decision A significant part of his thesis is that the Vietnam War unsettled the consensus about foreign policy particularly in the guise of the investigative work of the Ghurch led to a more probing examination of foreign policy and the moral or lack that undergirded it The book is a chronological account of successive presidencies and how each dealt with dictatorships under the exigencies of the Gold The accounts are and the author draws on a good range of primary sources to present the case All such accounts are well but such detail of so many has not been presented in one place The author deems all presidents and their administrations culpable of immoral and unjustifiable support for distasteful with the exception of Jimmy Garter and John E Kennedy receives something of an apologia and whose along with details of the Gongo might come as a bit of a surprise in a book supposedly spanning the years The narrative

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