Roads Of Arabia: Archaeology And History Of The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Roads Of Arabia: Archaeology And History Of The Kingdom Of Saudi ArabiaIn your report, record as much information about your object as possible. After you have seen with the article, you might use Fieldnotes to developtheories. Write books and help to create new perceptions, contemporaryontemporay cultural issues. Let the below questions guide you in your musings.* why were you seeking this particular object?* who was the object?s owner/credtor* why was this object located in this particular gallery?* why was this object considered beautiful to its maker/ owner/ culture?* would this be considered an art piece in the culture it came from ?* Is this object a piece of religious or spiritual paraphernalia?* By whom and how was your artifact use? can you tell the rank or staus of the owner frm the object or its description? does this objecrt indicatesomeone who was part of a specific age grade or class?* What time period does this object came from a Band, Tribe, Chiefdom or State Society?* Would it have been used in a form of reciprocity?* Do you think this object was owned by a forager? A horticulturalist? Or perhaps someone who was part of a highly advanced agricultural society?* Did you this object belong to a family? A kin group? Was this object passed down, down through generation of family members?* Does this object related to language?* Does this object say anything about the social position, gender, and / or personality of the individual who owned it?* Does this object hold a lasting idea of beauty? Are there varation of this object in our modern world? Has it influenced our thoughts, idea,morals, values, commercial products, governmental structures, social practices? Can it be found in our movies? can you find it on the labels ofpopular products? Do we use it, or things influenced by it in our daily lives?

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