Role of Multidisciplinary team to support people with chronic illness

In introduction : talk in general the role of multidisciplinary team#in the first body paragraph : briefly explain the terms of discharge planning , chronic illness , multidisciplinary team and self ? care management ( connected between definition ).# in the second body : briefly explain the different characteristics of chronic illness and impact chronic illness on ability to be independent .# in third body : Discuss (check for the help you need) the important of effective discharge planning .# in fourth body : ( role of multidisciplinary team and who is ? and what is role of each them ) +( focus to the role of nurse as one of multidisciplinary team )+( how multidisciplinary team promote self- caring with patient have chronic illness << supported this by some studies )# Conclusion Note:? word count : 2000 ? references almost 20 ( that the same within assignment )..

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