Role of Muslims in Technology Advancement

Muslim Contributions in Science The contributions in the advancement of knowledge by the traditional Islamic institutions of learning Halqa are which have been summed up in Encyclopedia madrasahs generally offered instruction in both the religious sciences and other branches of The contribution of these institutions to the advancement of knowledge was Muslim scholars calculated the angle of the measured the size of the calculated the precession of the in the field of optics and such phenomena as refraction of capillary and and developed observatories for the empirical study of heavenly They made advances in the uses of and foods for established hospitals with a system of interns and discovered causes of certain diseases and developed correct diagnoses of proposed new concepts of made use of anesthetics in surgery with newly innovated surgical and introduced the science of dissection in Muslims furthered the scientific breeding of horses and found new ways of grafting to produce new types of flowers and introduced new concepts of and soil and improved upon the science of In the area of Muslim scholarship led to the discovery of such substances as nitrate of nitric sulfuric and mercury Muslims scientists also developed to a high degree of

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