Role of Women in Eradication of Corruption

ROLE OF WOMEN IN ERADICATION OF CORRUPTION It is a matter of shame that even after 63 years of India figures among the thirty most corrupt The virus of corruption has crept into all walks of life and it can endanger the body politic of our Eradication of corruption should be the priority in view of the horizon of political and administrative corruption and its baneful multifarious effects on the It needs to be understood by all that eradication of corruption is only possible if strong political commitment Without strong political bureaucratic reorientation and a vibrant and effective civil checking corruption turns into a very difficult almost impossible task As we are aware that now a days a big movement is taking place in our country led by Sh Anna Hazare to make a strong law against for making and implementing this strong law need very strong political As far as role of women is If a women want they can change the one more non cooperation movement is required in India that non cooperation of women against corrupt Women should start non cooperating against their relative in they may be their husband As Gandhiji movement had given us the

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