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i am going to attach the files and i need so help with this paper ,i am safety management student and i am from saudi arabia. i want to be sample and good idea.SFTY 416Career Development in HRDYour Career Plan AssignmentDue to the Instructor on September 30th20 pointsBefore you begin, see exemplary papers from students who have taken this course before. Go to Blackboard/Class #12 9/30/14 Assignments/Exemplary Papers.This project is your opportunity to take charge of your future and achieve your highest calling in life. You will design a step-by-step career development plan for yourself using the knowledge you have gained in this course so far. This is a powerful way to achieve your career goals that most people you will be competing with for jobs do not do. That will most certainly give you a competitive edge in a tight job market.Roadmap for Completing this AssignmentStep #1. Read the assignment contents carefully.Step #2. Examine the contents in the list of resources for ideas and methods that best suit your style and needs for developing your career plan.Step #3. Begin writing your career plan. The most powerful and effective plans include S.M.A.R.T. Goals (top of next page).Step #4. Have others proof your plan. If you need help with your writing skills, make an appointment to have your work checked by a writing coach at the Writing Center. Distance students can get help from the Writing Center by clicking here.What I expect. Owing to the tremendous difference this career plan can have in your life, I am expecting you to put plenty of thought and time into developing a plan that is well-designed, well-written, and user friendly for you. Of course, for it to work you will need to follow your career plan faithfully, altering it as circumstances dictate. The samples provided of exemplary work will give you a good idea of what an excellent career plan looks like.One of my favorite career quotes is:He or she who gets hired is not necessarily the one who can do the job best; but, the one who knows the most about how to get hired.Your plan should take you from where you are at today to where you want to go in the next 2-3 years, or longer if you wish. Have fun and be creative. I am not looking for a certain format, but I do want you to put some real effort into this and create a plan that works for you. This project could be life-changing.Be sure to include in your plan the use of a career coach or career counselor as a guide and someone to hold you accountable throughout the steps of your career plan. It takes a lot of discipline and time to do it right. You could use the ISU Career Center, an HR professional as a mentor, or me (Mike Williamson).Also, be sure to have a clear plan for how to achieve success in your first job. That is a big adjustment, but if you have a good plan for how to adjust and succeed in your first job you will be off to a great start in your career. Included in the assignment materials on Blackboard, you will see a PowerPoint presentation that I have provided for students in the Textiles, Apparel, and Merchandising major.A Google search will easily yield a vast array of career planning resources. I?ve listed some below that look good.ResourcesYou Owe Yourself a Career PathThis is an excellent guide from one of my favorite resources, Susan Heathfield on There are incredible benefits to be gained by developing a thoughtful, well-written, employer-supported career path plan? Creating a career path, or career pathing, is an essential component of your life-long career management.Quintessential Careers is the leader in career and job-search advice!Our Mission: To provide the content, tools, and motivation to empower people to achieve their educational goals, find their true career passion, obtain their ideal job, and be successful at their work.Quintessential Careers is the ultimate career, job, and college site, offering comprehensive free expert career and job-hunting advice (through articles, tools, tips, samples, and tutorials), as well as serving as a directory of links to all the best job sites. Special sections for teens, college students, and all other job-seekers (by industry, geography, and job-seeker type) make this site a comprehensive resource for all.Note: When you open the following resources, you may see an ad popup. Just click on the ?x? in the upper right of the popup to remove them.Free Career Selection and Planning GuideCareer Development Plan Assignment Grading SheetCriteria Points Possible Points EarnedThe plan demonstrates professional level writing, formatting, and organization. Good use of S.M.A.R.T. Goals (see page 2) 10Demonstrates excellent use of career development concepts and principles 10Total Score 20Instructor?s Comments:.

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