Sales and Marketing

Topic: Sales and MarketingAssignment overview: has to be hotel relatedDuring their internships Students are requested to analyze critically a work- related situation or theme to a negotiated brief using appropriate methods; report on learning achieved through the paper, in an appropriate reporting style; make recommendations and/or guidelines for change where necessary, based on project findings: reflect critically on experience and/or practice; research and evaluate relevant information independently; plan and implement personal transferable skills objectives for improving their own learning and performance:Overall aim:Knowledge gained from internship will be used to identify problems, critically review situations and make recommendations. Current academic and trade literature as well as Portfolio Evidence will also be found and used accordingly to add and justify arguments, find solutions and add overall validity to comments made.Learning outcomes:Problem StatementA problem statement is:Concise. The essence of your problem needs to be condensed down to a single sentence. A reader of your assignment should be able to point to the problem statement and say ?AHA! Now I understand the problem addressed by this inquiry.?Specific. The problem statement focuses your thinking, research, and solutions toward a single population or issue.Measurable. Think of the PS as a description of the discrepancy between what is and what should be. The goal of the inquiry is to lessen this discrepancy by the careful research and implementation of effective solutions. The only way to know if this has been accomplished is to measure the results and compare them with the initial discrepancy.Format for Question-Based Research Paper1. Introduction and Problem Statement2. Literature Review3. Research Question4. Research Design5. Participant Observer Journal Data and Analysis6. Conclusion and Recommendations7. References8. AppendixWord count:Problem Statement: 500 ? 600 wordsQuestion Based Research Paper: 5,000 words (does not include reference or appendices).Task: Specific Task Requirements:1. Introduction -Introduces the topic under review and assignment question-Identifies the sections that follow? Includes ?in text? sources*2. Literature Review -Provides theoretical basis underpinning the research question-Summarizes key point and synthesis the literature-Presentation3. Method -Justifies research methodologies and sources used.4. Participant Observer Journal Data -Presentation of results of observations and data collection5. Analysis -Critically analysis results based on the body of knowledge presented in the literature review6. Conclusion -Restates the problem and provides a summary of findings as it relates to the literature.7. Recommendations -When necessary, identifies appropriate recommendations for change-Application of knowledge8. References -References should include only cited references from in text material using APA referencing style.

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