Samantha Erck Research Paper Wallace Stev

Samantha Erck Research Paper Wallace Stevens: Inside the Gray Flannel Suit Rationalists, wearing square hets, Think, in square rooms, Looking at the floor, Looking at the ceiling, They confine themselves To right-angled triangles. If they tried rhomboids, Cones, waving lines, ellipses- As for example, the ellipse of the half moon- Rationalists would wear sombreros. “Six Significant Landscapes” (Collected Poems p.73-75) Wallace Stevens is considerd one of the most important poets of this century. His style was unique and diffrent. The way he used words to optain the reality of something that can’t be touched, is an amazing and brilant talent. Stevens was a very successful lawer and business man as well as a great peot. We usually think of peots and artists as “starving artists.” Stevens was a very accommplished lawer and was still able to write beautifull peotry. His peoms useually contadicted his lifestile, but that might be were he got his insperation. He had a wife, family, and career, he had a very queit lifestyle. But, his peotry is very loud and abstract. Wallace Stevens was born in 1879, in Reading, Pennsylvania. As a child, he started out at parochial schools, and later enrolled in public schools. Wallace’s parents encourage him to read, which helped him become a better writter. In school, Wallace was an excellent student. After high school, he continued his education at Harvard University, where he became involved with two Harvard newspapers, first the Advocate and then the Harvard Monthly. After leaving college, he moved to New York City. He worked as a journalist, and considered a literary career. But, his father encouraged Stevens to become a more practical career in the law business. He worked as a lawyer for a few years in New York. He worked at different firms and then at the Fidelity and Deposit Company. He finally settled at the Hartford Acciden…

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