Science Art Or Both

Science Art Or BothPaper instructions:Directions:Based upon what you have read about Herodotus and Thucydides?their aims and their methods?think about what we have learned about the Greeks, their accomplishments and what remains of these. Consider too all the various tools used to teach you about Greek history as it was presented to you Duiker and by Andrea.Now you will engage in a debate by posting a Discuss (check for the help you need)ion set. One major post and three peer responses. To begin, select two examples from the types of evidence below that come from the two textbooks and the eCore online material. To avoid redundancy you may not choose the same two listed items as one of your classmates for you major post. Your major post should be at least 3-4 paragraphs in length and should describe how one can use scientific and artistic approachs to explain the significance of the items to understand the ancient Greeks and to write a history of the Greeks. Cite all your sources in Turabian format.You will then respond to three of your classmates by building on what they said by adding a pertinent historical point. Do not repeat the same historical considerations. Cite all your sources in Turabian format.Type of evidenceImages of material artifacts, sculptures, ruins, recreations of ancient ships, etc.Type of evidence?Primary sources of Greek writing found in Duiker, William J Volume I: to 1800 6th Edition World History, and The Human Record Volume I 6th edition Andrea.?Bust of Pericles or other important Greeks you may find in the sites recommended for the unit.Maycenaean Death MaskThe Slaying of Hector?5th century BCE, Grecian vase?or other images from such vases you may find in the sites recommended for the unit.Hoplite Forces?7th C. BCE vase paintingKouros sculpturetrireme-bas relief and Greek naval reconstructionParthenon ruins?and images of other famous Greek ruins.The architectural orders as illustrated in Duiker.Doryphoros?The Spear Carrier-statueMosaic from Pompeii of Greek philosophers at Plato?s school.Women in the loom room vase?Metropolitan MuseumAlexander the Great-marble bust?second or first century BCEFour Hellenistic Sculptures?from Andrea, The Human RecordHomer?s idea of excellenceLycurgean Reforms, as described by PlutarchAthenian Democracy: The Funeral Oration of Pericles, ThucydidesLysistrata, AristophanesOeconomicus, XenophonConstitution of the Spartans, XenophonPolitics (excerpt), AristotleLycurgus, PlutarchThe Campaigns of Alexander, ArrianLetter from Isias to Hepahaiston, 168 BCELetter from Ktesikles to King Ptolemy, 220 BCE!

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