Science is one word in the English dictionary,

Science is one word in the English dictionary, that could have many different meanings. Many times, humans will attempt to reach too far, and distort the true meaning of a word, as is the case with science. After reading the selected material in Science & Its Limits, The Beginners Guide to the Scientific Method, and How we know, its quite easy to gain a simple knowledge of the word. Science can be defined as the testing of nature to explain how things work. Through the study of science, many questions about the world we live in can be answered. Through science, we see many of the boundaries and rules of our natural world. Science also gives us a way to make conclusions about evidence that weve not yet discovered. Throughout the books, there are very drastic viewpoints about some of the basic elements of science. Science & Its Limits explains many of the viewpoints through a Christian perspective. Science is a great tool for Christians to have hard proof of what is already revealed in the Bible. When God created the Earth, he made absolutes that only God could ordain. Nature works on boundaries that only God fully knows about. Science is an attempt by us to understand and explain the rules the God set in place many years ago. The viewpoints of this book reflect that of our discussions so far in class. Through our Christian perspective, God is the ultimate truth and only he has all the answers for the world. He chose to reveal himself to us in two ways, through his teachings and his only son Jesus Christ. In both instances, he revealed many things that he didnt have to reveal. The bible is the best source for information about the world that we live in. Also, we have the empirical knowledge that we obtain about the natural world that compliments the scriptures and in result, helps us better know our creator. The book A beginners guide to the Scientific Method gives a very brief definiti…

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