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Scope and limitation: The proposed system has a database which contains all the sales and inventory transactions. Sales are the action of selling the products to customers. Inventory a complete list of products like trucks. System records the transactions of all the buyers who purchased a truck. It also records all the file of inventory which truck has defect or not and what truck comes in and out of the inventory. As for the Members the system will provide an area wherein they can view and manage their products. The general purpose of the proposed system isScope And Limitations to determine the issues and status of the RH Fortune Transport Builders so the researchers can determine what method and strategies need to make the work efficient and easy for the good of the business. Employee records marketing records and payroll system are not included in the proposed system of the researchers for the company. Opportunities: 1. The proposed system will give the company an easy access to find all their records even the record is in long time history. The proposed system will provide a database which contains all the sales and inventory transactions. 2. RH Fortune Builders can have a system that can help them to record all the transactions of the business. Using the proposed system the company can saves costs and less material to use. 3. RH Fortune Builders can easily manage the inventory records of trucks so they can know when they need to buy/import trucks again. The company can also record and know what truck has defect.”

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