Screen History and Research the Western Genre

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to analyse the western genre within a set of selected to do so I will be comparing and contrasting two films that come under the western genre category and were released nearly seventy years the 1939 classic from director John Ford and the 2005 hybrid western from director Joss The frameworks that will be used to compare and contrast both films within consist of gender and The Western Genre western is the only genre whose origins are almost identical with those of the cinema itself and which is as alive as ever after almost half a century of uninterrupted A classic western will adhere to ideals of the American frontier as drawn from a tradition of Wild West literature that had dominated the mass taste of nineteenth century America Where civilisation and wilderness must ultimately there is more likely to be breathtakingly beautiful residing in a vastly treacherous landscape that is fighting against impending western formula emerged as American trends toward the frontier gradually underwent significant resulting in the formation of recognisable set of iconic criteria such as the the jail and brothel and also costumes consisting of leather spurs and the Indians

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