Screening AsiaAnswer one of th

Screening AsiaAnswer one of the following questions. In your essay, compare two films from differentcountries. Do not write about a film you discussed in either your PPT presentation oryour film reviewing assignment.1. One function of several Asian national cinemas is to deal with traumatic memoriesof political and/or military terror, and by depicting a ?post-traumatic? identity tohelp viewers remember what is too painful to recuperate. Examine the significanceof trauma in two films.2. A common concern in many contemporary films from Asia is that masculinity is incrisis. Male characters are frequently dysfunctional, unable to communicate,lacking any direction. To what extent do contemporary films use this crisis toimagine a functional male?3. The new woman in Asian cinema may be depicted as struggling betweenautonomy and subordination. The situation of such female characters may furthersuggest that they are used as an allegory of nation. Discuss two examples wherefemale and national images coincide.4. Most Asian countries are, in some sense, postcolonial nation-states, and theirhistory is apt to produce everyday lives regulated by the enduring habits andassumptions of colonialism. Examine two films which reflect on postcolonialexperience, and explore how these films show the impact of colonial historiesupon contemporary society. In your answer, focus on social regulation andnormalization with regard to one or two of race, class, gender or religion.5. Modernity?s characteristic mode is ephemerality (here today gone tomorrow,nothing lasts nothing matters), the ceaselessly replacing of shifting socialpractices: in what ways do contemporary Asian films use tradition to resistephemerality?6. Film production in the Asian region is increasingly transnational. Can any particular film still be understood within its own terms of national reference, ormust we now view all films against the cinemas of other countries and thus intransnational contexts? What differences in understanding are indicated by theseopposed possibilities?!

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