Seattle Times

Seattle TimesThe Seattle Times is concerned about the future of their newspaper due to increasing power, influence, and vertical integration by media conglomerates, and the rising popularity of alternative information sources. We prepared our digital strategy based off of elements from three sources that can easily be integrated into the newspaper?s transition to new media, which are The New York Times, BBC, and The Huffington Post. We chose The New York Times because it is an old school newspaper company, like The Seattle Times, that has successfully integrated digital media. We chose BBC and The Huffington Post to specifically address their concerns regarding media conglomerates and alternative sources. The examples we pulled from each source include: lowering the digital subscription prices, global expansion, integrating new ways to notify readers of breaking news, and including more efficient ways for readers to follow topics or reporters. Lowering subscriptions prices will help maintain subscriptions as well as attract new customers, making it more affordable. Through global expansion, international versions of the newspaper can be accessed and read by those abroad, thus promoting the paper to beyond the local and regional level. Integrating new ways to notify readers of breaking news (i.e. push notifications) will serve to attract new readers as well as maintain current readers by enabling readers to receive the latest news immediately and efficiently. Providing quicker ways to follow topics or reporters will give readers an efficient and convenient experience.2. Critical assessment of an examples of similar organizations/institutions and their use of digital networks (describe their strategies. Be sure to mention strengths and weaknesses) (10 points) :

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