Section A This report contents information abou

Section A This report contents information about the Voyager System used by the Access Services Department of Harvey A. Andruss Library. The computerized system function as an integrated library animation that depends on a network support service. It is linked to a main server in Shippensburg. This server enables the library to share information with the seven Pennsylvania state universities. So, the students, staffs, faculties and Pennsylvania residences can have access to educational materials. The focuses of the report are to describe the configuration of the voyager system and its operations, not forgetting the possible suggestion to improve the system. The Harvey A. Andruss Library is essentially responsible to provide services in the form of adequate resources of information. It mainly consists of over 300,000 volumes of Library collection within the range of Governmental Reports to periodical data. In addition to the general collection, the library has several hundreds periodical online and on its shell. For example, it has periodical of journals and magazines. They are updated as frequent as possible to issue that the information are current. Moreover, it has been estimated that the Library obtains close to 1700 current periodicals but hold stock of several thousands more. Anybody can have access to these periodical by checking the periodical holding list. This List is available to users on the computer stations, the Circulation Desk or the Reference Desk. Some of the documents are reserved on microfilm. The most common form of documents in this category is the congressional Records. For example, the American statistical Index and other form of information sources in the Library are the news bank, Newspapers, reserves materials, oversize books, career guidance collection, musical scores, sound recordings and Loan period. The organization and maintenance of the Library information are handled by the voyager system. The voy…

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