Sectional discussions

Sectional discussionsProject description These INDIVIDUAL TOPICS ? THE EXPECTATION IS TO RESPOND TO EACH SEPARATELY. EACH SECTION SHOULD BE AT LEAST 125 WORDS ? SHORT and DIRECT. ENSURE PROPERLY APA CITATION IS MADE.SECTION 1: Once an employee is hired, making sure he or she assimilates into the organizational culture quickly becomes important in order to assure retention of the employee. What are two of the most important issues workplace counseling can address with newly-hired employees? Why are these significant?SECTION 2: Are psychological and competency testing ethical practices during the selection process? Why or why not? What are the most effective strategies for avoiding invasion of privacy, breaches of confidentiality, and future ethical issues when using psychological and competency testing in the workplace? Why?SECTION 3: What performance appraisal tools are most effective at identifying training and development needs in organizations? Why?SECTION 4: Of reaction, learning, behavioral, and results criteria for evaluation of training programs, which is most important for assessing new hire training programs? Why? Which is most effective for assessing ongoing training needs? Why?PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT :

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