Select a Virtual Organization

Select a Virtual Organization using the student website. Assume your organization is privately held, wants to expand operations, and is faced with three options for expansion:Going public through an IPOAcquiring another organization in the same industryMerging with another organizationWrite a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you compare and contrast options and make a recommendation about which strategy the organization must choose. Address the following:Strengths of each approachWeaknesses of each approachOpportunities of each approachThreats of each approachAlso consider the following as it relates to all three options should the organization pursue an international location:Effects of globalization on financial decisionsFactors that contribute to exchange rate risksMitigating exchange rate riskFormat your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Berry?s Bug Blasters: THIS TUTORIAL IS 1,140 WORDS WITH 8 REFERENCES IN CORRECT APA FORMAT ? GRADED

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