Self-AwarenessFirst of all,thi

Self-AwarenessFirst of all,this topic(self-awareness)is extremely broad, so please be aware that you need to NARROW it. In addition to the research databases mentioned in Chapter 19 (from On Course Textbook) includes access to a specialized InfoTrac collection of journal articles and reference materials uniquely to accompany the book?s content. To access that collection go to and enter the requested information. The ISBN they will ask for is 978-1-133-30973-4The research paper must be 2000 words, and must use TEMPLATES from (THEY SAY /I SAY TEXTBOOK). The essay must be according MLA format. It must include 6 CREDIBLE, AUTHORITATIVE (MUST HAVE AUTHOR?S NAME) sources, and 4 SCHOLARLY ARTICLES.The research paper should be at ?Basic college Essay Structure?.

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