Senator Joseph McCarthys political career was in

Senator Joseph McCarthys political career was in danger when he walked into the Colony Restaurant in Washington, DC for dinner with three of his friends. The date was January 7, 1950. A month earlier, he had been voted worst U.S. Senator in a poll of Senate correspondents. In his earlier years as Senator, he had been known for taking loans and funds from businesses totaling $30,000. This included the Pepsi-Cola company, which earned him the nickname Pepsi-Cola Joe1, and the Lustron Corporation, which dealt in prefabricated houses. About this time McCarthy was also deemed responsible for the resignation of Senate subcommittee chairman Raymond E. Baldwin, who left politics citing McCarthys abuse towards him during the Malmedy WWII hearings the last straw 2. Not only was his political career in danger, but McCarthy was also suffering from financial troubles. He had squandered all the money from his political funds into soybean investments and horse racing, which left him nearly broke3. With these things in mind, McCarthy and his three associates- William Roberts, a Washington lawyer; Charles Kraus, a political science professor at Georgetown; and Father Edmund Walsh, a dean also at George University set out to discover that fateful night what could possibly rejuvenate the political career of Joseph McCarthy before the upcoming election of 52. The trio of Roberts, Kraus, and Walsh recommended that McCarthy should try taking up a cause, and to do so seriously and passionately. But what should it be? Ideas and issues were tossed about the group concerning old age pension to the St. Lawrence Seaway. McCarthy dismissed them all. But then Walsh suggested communism, and McCarthys ears realized that they had just struck gold. Thats it! exclaimed an excited McCarthy. The government is full of Communists. We can hammer away at them. 4 And with that statement, Senator Joseph…

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