Servant Leadership

For this assignment, you will research servant leadership and apply it to your current or a previous work environment in a paper (8-10 pages). You must use at least eight scholarly references to support your writing.When writing your paper, you should address the following:1) Analyze the concept of servant leadership.2) Compare and contrast servant leadership with at least two other models of leadership.3) Describe the organization (e.g., industry, number of employees, vision, goals).4) Describe how servant leadership can be applied to your organization.5) Explain how implementing servant leadership would impact the ability of the organization to realize its vision and accomplish its goals.6) Explain how you might go about implementing servant leadership within your organization or within a specific part of the organization if you were the leader.7) Identify the following (relating to implementing servant leadership within your organization): (a) Stakeholders who would be advocates or supporters. (b)Potential challenges or obstacles and how you would overcome them.INFORMATION TO ASSIST IN WRITING THIS PAPER1. Organization = American Family Insurance2. I worked at the call center in Phoenix, Arizona3. Position I held = Investigating Claims Adjuster (I have attached a copy of my Job Description)4. Total Number of Employees = ?American Family Insurance contracts with nearly 3,500 independent contractor agents and employs about 7,500 people in a variety of professional areas, including: actuarial, brokerage, claims, communications, education, government affairs, human resources, information services, investments, legal, marketing, office administration, product design and underwriting.?5. Estimated Number of Employees in my department ? AZ Claims Office = 1006. Mission Statement = ?Our mission at American Family Insurance is to be the most trusted and valued customer-driven insurance company.?7. Vision = ?To maximize customer value through industry-leading service, exceptional claims experiences and products that build long-term relationships.?8. Values = Caring, Ease & Convenience, Fairness, and Helpfulness

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