Sex and intimacy on television has long been a

Sex and intimacy on television has long been a fought over topic in our society. For years, the FCC and the MPAA have censored any content they deem sexually or verbally explicit from our viewing, and as we know television is one of the largest influences on our culture ever artificially created. Still though, sex and intimacy seep through the cracks of the system and into aspects of our lives. During the early days of television, sexual situations were rare and intimate moments were few and far between. On “I Love Lucy”, the Ricardos were no exception. Lucy and Ricky rarely touched each other for any reason other than a quick embrace or in a friendly manner. Their contact was nothing like the way we now expect a husband and wife to interact. And as you may know, they slept in separate beds, which has also been a topic of great discussion. While, of course, married couples at the time, almost without exception, shared the same bed, television producers thought displaying this implied sexual contact, which was of course a big no-no in the mid-fifties. The Bradys were slightly more liberal about intimacy. This is most likely attributed to the fact that the show ran from 1969 to 1974 during which our society was still going through an enormous shift in its value system. Contrary to rumors, Mike and Carol Brady were not the first married couple on television to share a bed; the Munsters had done that already. There were also segments during some episodes which showed Carol and Mike in bed together discussing the days events and usually they would conclude by kissing each other good night and going to sleep. Kissing between them was also not that big of an issue; they did it frequently and without hesitation as a sign they loved each other, as most couples on television before were unable to express physically. Again, this type of activity contained sexual innuendos but, as I …

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