Sex in the Bible For my book report I chos

Sex in the Bible For my book report I chose the topic of sex in the Bible. I thought that it would be a very interesting topic because in many churches discussion of sex and sexuality is taboo. I thought that by reading this book I could become more informed of what the Bible truly says on the subject. I also chose this topic because I felt that it would be easier reading a book about the bible on a topic I was interested in. Most subjects pertaining to the Bible are not interesting to the average teenager, and I felt this book would be fun to read. The name of the book was Sex in the Bible by Michael R. Cosby. Cosby discusses five parts of the bible in which sexual relations are discussed. First he discuses the laws that apply to sex in the Hebrew culture according to the book of Dueteronomy. Secondly he discuses the wisdom advice of the book of proverbs. Cosby then discuses the actual act of sex in the book of songs. Next he writes about the topic of sex and sexuality in the synoptic gospels. Finally he discusses sex in the books of Corinthians and Paul’s letters to the Romans. Cosby’s goal is to interpret the true beliefs of the early Jews and Christians. The book of Deuteronomy is a book of laws directed for the Hebrew. They are laws given to them by their god Yahweh. The book of Deuteronomy has several rules and laws pertaining to sex. The book was written within a society that was very male oriented. Thus the book makes the assumption that the wife is property of the husband. This did not give the husband the right to treat his wife as a slave, however only he had the option of divorce, and he only had the option of verifying his wife’s virginity. The basic two principles behind the laws of sex in Dueteronomy are that: sex was to be only had in the confides of marriage, and that the women must be a virgin going into the marriage. Pertaining to the act of premarital sex, either by fr…

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