?Shitty First Drafts?

?Shitty First Drafts?Read ?Shitty First Drafts? in your Language Awareness book. Answer the critical thinking questions from 1 to 7the pages you need to read 189-190-191-192Observation of starsDavid Carr is a journalist and author who writes about media and culture ? I But even more remarkably, once the badge-decorated horde spilled 5for the New Tor}: Times. He was born and raised in 1956 in Hopkins, l l into the halls or went to the hundreds of parties that mark the ritual,ii Miimcsoii where he attended grade school and high school. Later, he i almost everyone walked or talked with one eve, or both, on a little screen.I ,i? 1, 7 6ll? attended the University ofWisconsin-River Falls and ?thenthe University : were adiacent but essentially alone, texting and talking our wayll? I? ofMinnesota, all the while working at odd jobs to pay for his education. In i thiough what should have been agreat chance to engage fIesh-and-bloodii ll all as he piititin an interview foraseries about unconventional educations, human beings. The wait in line for panels, badges, or food became oneI C 3 ? ? ? . ? ? ? . . . . uI? l ? ? ? r= ? . t throu rli colle e. Carr IS the former editor ? more chance to check in digitally instead of an opportunity to meet some-l li It took him Seuii ?Wars to gc E ~ g . . ? ,. -kl i Was/r one iou didn?t knowi ? ?. of the Twin Cities R?lZfl?L?7?, and he wrote for the altcrnatixc cc ) V I 39 ?ii iniqton City Paper, the Atlantic Mimtlaly, and New Tori: Mryyazine before I moderated?a panel there called. ?I?m So Productive, I Ilever Get?l moving to the Times. In addition to being one of the writers featured : Anything Done, which was ostensibly about how answering e-maill in Page One: Insiiie the New Tor}: Times, a documentary about how and i J and looking after various avatars on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr leftl why the Ngw Tori: Times wouldn?t relinquish its esteemed position in the . little time to do what we actually care about or get paid for. The biggesti jouirnalistic world to Facebook and Twitter, Carr is the author ofthe best-? I reaction in the session by far came when Anthony De Rosa, aproductE i selling memoir The Niiilit ()ft/JL? Gim. In the book he recounts the storvof . manager and programmer at Reuters and a big presence on Twitter andii if his Own cocdiiic addiction by interviewing the people he(?iss(l:ci;;

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