Short Paper: Three Social Problems in America

Three Social Problems in America Homelessness in a social problem facing America This is partially due to the lack of secure and safe shelter available to those in Another contributing factor is leading people to be unable to afford decent The economic crisis our country is in has led to financial cuts and many job This is a social problem because it negatively impacts the quality of our society and the lifestyle of many It be controlled by efforts of the welfare I feel that if funds were distributed the availability of quality housing for those in need would increase and homelessness be such a social Domestic violence is another social problem in A cause leading to this could be violence having an increasing appearance in the influencing generations to be aggressive when they want something to happen their the feeling of insecurity or a desire to feel empowered can lead to one being This is a social problem as well because it can be Domestic violence is a problem because many victims are afraid to speak Victims often feel fear or reluctance to get help because they think their abuser will become more violent or the source of help

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