Short Story Analysis and Media Product

Short Story Analysis and Media Product PART A:Short Story Analysis1)You are to choose one of the short stories listed below and prepare a comprehensive analysis of one element from elements of a short story, and prepare an in-depth analysis of that element. The Prospector?s Trail by Cathy Jewison (21) Love Must Not Be Forgotten by Zhang Jie (39) Bluffing by Gail Helgason (71) The Labrador Fiasco by Margaret Atwood (78) A Secret Lost in the Water by Roch Carrier (94) The Elephant by Slawomir Mrozek (103) Brooms for Sale by Thomas Raddall (117) The Liberation of Rome by Robin Hemley (124) Test by Theodore Thomas (130) Soul-Catcher by Louis Owens (135) Wilhelm by Gabrielle Roy (145) He-y, Come on Ou-t! by Shinichi Hoshi (152) Note: These stories are all available online and all you have to do is place the name of the story in the search engine.Evaluation: Thinking & Inquiry//5marksPART B:Media ProductChoose and read one short story from the Internet (i.e. finished, Choose one of the following media products that will demonstrate your understanding of your selected short story. Create a comic book (at least 24 panels) that tells the main events in the short story.Be sure that the captions and illustrations explain the story clearly.Rewrite the story as a ballad (at least 40 lines long). Be sure to include important details, symbols, incidents, conflicts, etc.Produce a magazine news article (500 words) covering the events of your selected story.Include the 5W?s, eyewitness accounts (quotes), expert opinions and a photo or two.You may elaborate or expand on basic facts from the story to create a detailed article.Build a scale model of the set for a TV show based on your short story.Write a brief rationale (at least three paragraphs) for the set design.Rewrite the ending of the short story from a narrative perspective of your choice (500 words).Produce a movie poster that assigns the role of each character to modern day actors and actresses. Provide a rationale (250 words) for each character.Produce a soundtrack CD (at least 10 songs) for the short story. Be sure your song selections reflect the mood of the short story and follow the plot components. Provide the lyrics as well as a brief rationale (one paragraph) for each song.Complete a photo essay of your short story (at least 20 photos) that represents not only the plot, but also the theme of the short story. Each photo should be accompanied by a one-paragraph caption that explains how the photo applies.Evaluation: Communication//10 marks :

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