Should a drunk driver?s license be suspended upon his/her first offense?

Should a drunk driver?s license be suspended upon his/her first offense?Project instructions:The Draft and Final Copy must be formatted as ONE document with an Outline, Documented/Cited Persuasive Essay, and a Works Cited page which is the last page(s) of the essay. Remember that an undocumented essay that uses sources constitutes Plagiarism and will be awarded a zero and possibly reported to administration.The questions below will serve as a quick Checklist.? Is the documented essay 300-500 words in length or 2 to 2 1/2 pages long? This word count includes only the essay, not the first page or Works Cited.? Does the Introduction include a Lead-in, Thesis Statement that is debatable (clearly states your position), and an Essay Map?? Does the Essay Map have two (2) points of support for your position, and one point of opposition?? Did you use transitions as needed?? Did you support each point of the Essay Map using a researched source?? Does each paragraph have no more than one simple sentence as a direct quote?? Did you paraphrase or summarize the information used from sources?? Did you use three to four sources (a variety is required) from Gil (book), Facts on File, Galileo (journal, newspaper)? Remember: you must use a variety of sources.? Did you eliminate all first person usage (I, me, my?) and second person usage (you, your)?? Did you eliminate all usage of contractions such as shouldn?t for should not?? Did you type the Thesis Statement on the Outline page as well as in the ending of the introduction of the essay?? Did you start the Header (Last Name and Page Number) on the first page of the essay?? Did you type the Identification Information (your name, course, date, assignment, and my name) above the Outline? This is the same format you used for Essay 1.? Did you double space the entire paper including the Outline?? Did you use Times New Roman 12 point font size for all sections of the paper?? Did you use 1? top, bottom, left, and right margins on all pages?? Did you indent the first line of each paragraph?? Did you format and construct the Works Cited page(s) correctly?? Did you enclose all ?short, direct quotes? in quotation marks with proper citation?? Did you use no more than one ?direct quote? in each paragraph? Is the quote a simple sentence or a phrase?? Did you document/cite the paper as required?? Did you proofread for sentence structure and grammar errors in accordance with the Grading Guidelines Rubric?OUTLINEI. IntroductionA. Lead-inB. Thesis Statement: This must be one complete Sentence.C. Essay Map: Three points of support ? phrase is acceptable (this, this, and that)II. Body ? underline opposition ? it must be first or lastA. Topic sentence of paragraph two (Point 1) Opposition may go HERE, orB. Topic sentence of paragraph three (Point 2)C. Topic sentence of paragraph four (Point 3) HEREIII. Conclusion!

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