Should Computers Be Allowed in the Classroom

Introduction professors at colleges all around the country are asking the same They are wondering whether laptops in the college classroom actually facilitates a ability to learn or rather it distracts them from the lesson being Laptops were originally considered to be small niche and were thought suitable mostly for specialized field applications such as the the Internal Revenue accountants and sales But there are already more laptops than desktops in and laptops are becoming obligatory for student use and more popular for general The conflict lies in that a majority of college professors believe that allowing students to use laptop computers to perform academic assignments in the classroom environment negatively affects their performance more so than it These individuals will say that laptops distract a bulk number of students and will draw their attention away from the Others will say that allowing students to use laptops in the classroom engages and assists them while supplying equal access to as well as help cultivate computer skills that will be useful once they enter the Professors from both sides of this issue provide good arguments to support their and I have therefore established a solution taking in respect the downsides from

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