Should Police discretion exist and its effects on the Criminal Justice System

Should Police discretion exist and its effects on the Criminal Justice SystemTERM PAPER REQUIREMENTS- This will also be posted on Blackboard under Assignments)As the syllabus indicates a ten page research paper is required to complete the class. For the paper you must use two books and three articles.(no textbooks). If you cannot find two books on your topic you must use ten articles in its place for a total of 13 articles. It is not an opinion paper and must be submitted the final weeks of the semester. First you must submit a two page essay answering the 10 questions below on the paper topic you have selected. You must elaborate on your answers-one word answers or ?yes? or ?no? answers will receive no credit. I will not read any paper that you have not answered the 10 questions below and I have not preapproved your topic. Once you have selected a topic you WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO CHANGE THE TOPIC. Papers can only be submitted the last two weeks of the semester. The paper must be in your own words MLA style. Plagiarism, buying of papers, or handing in old papers will result in an ?F? for the class. Any questions email me. Submitting a paper will not excuse absences from class, even if you hand in the paper if you have been absent more than five times (excused or unexcused) you fail the class. Again a two page essay answering questions on the paper topic you selected and the final term paper. Also attached is the format used at John Jay for writing papers you must use the same format for your paper. You are to hand in two copies of your paper. One hard copy and one emailed to my email address. If you do not provide a hard copy you will receive no credit for your paper. The email copy will be reviewed using anti-plagiarism software so make sure your paper is yours.TEN QUESTIONS TO ANSWER ON A TWO PAGE ESSAY ON YOUR PAPER TOPIC (not part of the paper): What is the topic question you must answer regarding your selected topic.1. What is your paper topic?2. Why is this topic interesting to me?3. What experience or knowledge do you have about the topic?4. What have you read about the topic?5. How does this topic relate to the class?6. Is this topic related to a particular aspect of the class?7. Do you know any person particularly relevant to this topic?8. How does this topic impact on public policy?9. What would the title of a book or magazine article about it say?10. If you had to interview someone for this topic (which you don?t) who would you interview on this topic?Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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