Sigmund Freud When I was 10th grade in K

Sigmund Freud When I was 10th grade in Korea, I took a psychology lecture for the first time in the academy. That time, I was come into some psychologists and lots of theories about psychology. At the beginning, it was very strange and difficult to learn. But as time passed by, I had more interests about the psychology especially Sigmund Freud, who was a very intelligent psychoanalyst. Sigmund Freud has many theories on how people develop. His most influential theory to the development of the human mind was his five psychosexual stages. Freud’s belief was that children were done developing after they finished going through puberty. The stages started with infants describing this as the oral stage, or the sucking stage. The anal stage deals with the one and two year olds. This age group is starting to potty train. After this stage the three through five year olds go through the phallic stage. The child focuses on the genitals, as they discover it is enjoyable. Freud’s fourth stage is the latency stage, including children six to twelve years. This is when their sexual interests are put on the back burn. The last stage is the genital stage. Children going through puberty have a time of sexual reawakening. Other theorists criticized him by saying that there was more to development than sex. They also said a person does not stop developing after they turn eighteen. Freud did develop another theory that many author’s have described in their literary works which included the Id, Ego, and Superego. The Id, Ego, and Superego dealt with how the mind worked conscientiously and unconsciensously. It also described the behavior of the human body and why we do the things we do. Freud’s behavior theory begins with the subject of the Id. The Id part of your brain is what you are born with. All babies are influenced by the Id. They live in an all uncon…

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