SIGMUND FREUD Imagine this: a man who can

SIGMUND FREUD Imagine this: a man who can know the brain and understand the conflict that is occurring when we encounter anxiety and unhappiness. Mr. Sigmund Freud had this ability. He knew the human brain all too well. Before entering the University of Vienna in 1873, the youthful Sigmund Freud had signs of brilliance and intelligence. He had a magnificent memory. He loved reading so much that he once ran up a large bill at a local bookstore that was beyond his budget. He had an obsession with plays, poetry, and philosophy. As a teen, he often ate his supper in his room so he would not lose any time from his studies. After medical school, he began a private practice specializing in nervous disorders. He soon broadened his specialization into hypnosis, unconscious memories, and personality structures. In an example of a patient that Freud examined, he showed that the symptoms she was facing such as coughs and speech disorders, was a result of an event that happened when she was nursing her dying father at his bedside. She left from her fathers side and went over to a next door neighbors house to dance. She felt guilt over the event. After this observation and others, Freud came to the conclusion that there are three internal tendencies; id, ego, and super-ego. The brain is not cut into three different structures. It is not the three little men that most people picture in there mind that tells you what to do, like good and evil. It is only three different aspects of the whole brain, and not three different parts. The three aspects, id, ego, and superego, are different levels of consciousness. The memories of a person often fluctuate from level to level. The id operates on a pleasure principle. It seeks immediate gratification. When a person is born, it demands something like eating, drinking, sleeping, and sexual pleasure in its lifetime. This is something that a person feels that it has to have. Th…

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