Topic: SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL WELL BEINGAssessment 1: Investigative report on a family health issue Word limit: 1500 wordsWeighting : 50%Overview Students will undertake a report into a key health issue thathas been identified from the document Headlineindicators for children?s health, development and wellbeing 2011. (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare).A report is a clearly structured document that identifies and examinesa serious issue of importance .A report does not present theories oropinions but presents and analyses information (Gimenez, 2007).? Topic of report: The social and emotional wellbeing of the Australianchild / adolescent. ? Choose a specific age group (infant, or toddleror preschooler or school age or adolescent). ? Write the report for thenursing profession that highlights the issue, its contributing factorstheimpact on the family and recommendations for nursing practice. ?Students are expected to make recommendations for nursing practicebased on theirresearch that are aligned to health promotion and prevention of healthissues.NB PLEASE FOLLOW THE MIND MAP BELOW,RECENT JOURNAL ARTICLES FROM2007-2012MY MIND MAPTITLE. SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL WELLBEINGPURPOSEINTRODUCTIONDEFINITIONSBACKGROUND:?what if? not socially / emotionally well?What behaviours / feelings does the child haveWhat could these behaviours / feeling lead to (consequences)What statistics are there to say it is a problem ? how many childrenhave this issue, is it specific to gender, culture or geographicalregion? What are the identified costs to the health care system andeconomy in generalDiscuss (check for the help you need)ION:What could cause these unwanted behaviours and feelings in children,can it be related to their specific age group ie not meeting milestoneseffectively (consider psychological, emotional, social, moral) is thisage group chosen as specific risk for this. Consider socialdeterminants ? family, relationships, culture, education, lack ofresources , poor economic circumstances?So, if the child is socially / emotionally unwell how does this affectthe family? Not only parents but siblings, extended family, community ?so does it impact on the social determinants of health for the rest ofthe family and community?RECOMMENDATIONSWhat can we do to stop children becoming socially / emotionally unwellIf we can?t stop it what can we do to assist children / families managethis effectively and prevent the long term ramificationsNeed to consider the interventions in the framework of primary healthcare and nursing competencies : ? see lecture , resources in week 1 & 2CONCLUSIONRemember no NEW material and use references if appropriate, summarisetext and concluding statement (sentence) about how importance this is

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