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Social RolesPaper instructions:The details is in the file on upload additional materialsPlease read the following file carefully and complete the paper in correct way,otherwise ?I WILL NOT PAY?SOC 101: Social ProblemsAssignment: Social Roles: Due: October 9thThis paper is written in First Person- No References is needed! It is what you think is your personal social structure!You are to create a map of your social structure with both Achieved Statuses and Ascribed Statuses. Then answer the following questions.1. You in the figure- occupy many positions in society, each of which involves distinct statuses. How would you define your statuses? Which have the most influence in your life? Explain.2. Which are achieved statuses and which ones are ascribed? Why? Explain.3. Why are social roles important to our society? If they are broken who would be affect and why? (Example- cab driver- known how to get around the city)Example:Key-The paper must follow APA (6th ed.) format. You must have a title page. A minimum of three pages and a maximum of six pages, including a title pageYou must add this rubric to the end of your paper or loose 10 points.Grading Criteria: 50 points possible________ On-time (50% reduction for late papers)________ Title Page: Page number, running head, title, your name, and name of the University. Your name should not be in the running head or page number. (3 points)________ Summary: Must address each question: (30 points)_______ Map:Achieved Statuses and Ascribed Statuses (10 points)_________ Correct grammar, spelling and APA (6th ed.) format. (7 points)__________ Points /50 Points possible!

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