Social Stratification and Social Inequality

Social Stratification and Social InequalityDiscuss (check for the help you need) the following in a 3-page (750 word) paper:Compare and contrast the three types of stratification systems.Explore the usefulness of placing caste and class systems at extremes on a continuum rather than considering them to be dichotomous, and consider where the United States would fall on that continuum.What is the status attainment process?Identify and elaborate on some factors in the status attainment process that may limit or facilitate upward mobility in this country.Cite any sources, including assigned readings, according to APA citation guidelines.Submit your paper to viewing the originality report for your paper from, make any necessary changes to your paper before submitting it to the Drop Box.Submission InstructionsSubmit your assignment to the and then submit to the Drop Box.Grading CriteriaResponds to the assignment (answer is accurate and detailed): 0 ? 25 pointsDemonstrates adherence to APA citation guidelines, and grammatical and mechanical conventions appropriate to the medium (oral, written, visual) : 0 ? 5 pointsDemonstrates the ability to develop ideas with clarity and logic, and concrete language : 0 ? 10 pointsDemonstrates originality through the synthesis of information, (i.e., critical thinking): 0 ? 10 points!

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