Socio-Economic Aspects of Land Degradation

ASPECTS OF LAND DEGRADATION INTRODUCTION Land degradation is the loss of production capacity of the Degraded land is a which due to natural processes or human activity is no longer able to sustain properly an economic function the original natural ecological Land degradation refers to the temporary or permanent reduction in the productive capacity of It is a interactive process that evolves and differs over time and It is the cumulative effect of the interaction of various and institutional factors over time and Extent Global In some 115 million km2 of the surface was vegetated Just 40 years almost nine million km2 an area as large as China were classified as with greatly reduced agricultural A further three million km2 were having lost almost completely their original biotic About km2 are beyond Deforestation Vast reserves of forest have been degraded by logging and clearing for farm and urban Between 1975 and more than million km2 of tropical forest were mainly to provide new land for food tropical forests are being cleared at a rate of about percent each with annual losses of as high as two percent in West About million km2 of land has been degraded by Overgrazing Overgrazing

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